Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy Practice Waren/Müritz – English

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We welcome you to our homepage and would like to introduce ourselves. Our practice is located in the city center of Waren/ Müritz. We treat patients in occupational therapy and physical therapy and accompany you individually on your way to treatment success.

The patient as a person has the opportunity to have their impairments or impending restrictions treated in everyday life through targeted interventions such as qualified therapies, to improve their quality of life in everyday life in order to achieve the greatest possible independence and autonomy. Talk to us!

Occupational Therapy

We help and treat in occupational therapy.

People of all ages who are threatened in their ability to act or by limitations. The aim is to strengthen them in carrying out activities that are meaningful to them in the areas of self-sufficiency, productivity and leisure time in their personal environment. Specific activities, environmental adaptation and advice serve to enable people to act in everyday life, to participate in society and to improve their quality of life.

Physical Therapy

We help and treat in physiotherapy.

People of all ages with disturbed physiological functions of the human musculoskeletal system use the physiological adaptation mechanisms in the body to have an effect, to prevent various injuries, ailments, diseases and to restore human performance both privately and at work.

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